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Mikki Cober was born and raised in Connecticut, just a train ride away from New York City.  Her favorite past times growing up were reading gothic romances and mysteries. Mikki spent a lot of time with Julia, her BFF, writing romantic suspense novels and short stories, creating mock radio shows, and designing comic books. They spent many a summer day floating in a rowboat loaded with notebooks, pens, blankets and a transistor radio on the nearby river. The creative juices really flowed when the sun reflected gold off the water, the sky was a cloudless turquoise, and CCR rocked on the airwaves.

After college, Mikki put aside her writing for a while, focused on a career with a systems engineering firm, got married and had two wonderful children. Both are now grown and part of the workforce (halleluiah!) All that time, she felt the tug of a good story, and the desire to put thoughts to paper. After everyone else’s life was coming together, she once again began laying out romantic suspense plots that include love, murder and mystery.

Mikki loves to travel, and many of her current and completed works take the reader around the country to various locations like Washington D.C., Coastal Alabama, Alaska and Sarasota Florida.  She currently resides in Citrus County Florida, is enjoying the warm gulf breezes, and sneaks away from the laptop a couple of times a week to play golf.

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